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Line Mountain Command Program


Our first level of sponsorship is Mountain Command Local, where all Line MCs start. MC Local’s have the important job of assisting the local LINE rep to promote Line Skis and the sport of skiing in your region. You must be one of the top skiers at your mountain and ride there most of the season. You also must be self-motivated, well spoken, hard working, and able to inspire others.

If the above is you follow these directions to apply:

  • CREATE a Skiers Union profile
  • WRITE a story titled "I am a Skier" and embed promo videos, pictures and any information to show how rad you are (bad example here)
  • UPDATE your profile with current contact information, new stories and artwork

  • We see all the stories posted so no need to e-mail "Hey Line, did you see it?". If we think you've got what it takes, we'll be in touch before October 1st. Thanks, good luck and we look forward to seeing what you've got! - Apeman

    line skis sponsor me


    Club, Crew & Event Sponsorship

    All clubs, crews and event sponsorships are handled by the Line Skis rep in your region. Please go to a Line Skis dealer and inquire about speaking to the rep.

    Pro Form Requests

    Check with your local Line Skis Dealer regarding purchasing skis at a Pro Deal discount. If you qualify, they will be able to assist you.