• Age:  23
  • Location:  Salt Lake City, UT
  • Home Mountain:  Bend, OR - Mt. Bachelor
  • Years Riding Line Skis:  2+
  • Something we don't know:  I was born in Germany, grown in Alaska and developed in Oregon, now I live in Utah. Its hard to explain that to people so I usually just condense into being from either Oregon or Alaska. I love doing fun activities and craft time. I have a goal to get a bowling score of 200 within the next year and yeah I'm just you know, living the dream! ha

Erica Durtschi

North America

Erica durtschi

3 Things...

You Love:

  1. Aside from skiing I love learning about Graphic Design, so I love school right now.
  2. Sugar, I have an aggresive sweet tooth
  3. Simple things, they are just nice

You Hate:

  1. Being in a quiet room while someone is eating loud crunchy food.
  2. People who haven't read the Harry Potter books and have only seen the movies.
  3. Spiders