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2015 Blend

A LIGHT, NIMBLE, PLAYFUL BLEND OF ALL YOUR FAVORITE FREESTYLE SKIS, FOR SLAYING ALL-TERRAIN WITH ONE. From the park to the backcountry, the Blend is a light, nimble and playful mix of all your favorite freestyle skis. Whether you're hot-lapping thru the park or getting first tracks in the trees or both, the Blend's light swing weight feels like nothing’s on your feet for effortless tricks, yet maintains plenty of power under foot for smooth reliable stability at speed. It’s magical Early Rise & flex in the tips keeps effortlessly floats in the powder and lays down nasty high speed butters on the groomers like a pro. Anywhere, any day, any condition, any terrain, it’s the Blend. The entire mountain is your terrain park. CONSTRUCTION

Capwall™ Thin Tip™ Maple Macroblock™ Fivecut™ Symmetric Flex™ Early Rise™ Sintered Fatty Base & Edge™

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