Drawn From Here Book by Eric Pollard

    Amazing imagery, insightful prose in a beautifully made book


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    Drawn From Here is a limited edition, printed in the USA, hardcover, large-format hardcover 12x12 inch, Smyth sewed perfect bound book that contains just over 200 pages of still imagery and short stories from Eric Pollard's life as a professional skier, product designer, and artist. Quality built with compelling materials and details, this is the perfect gift for a skier or any fan of high-quality products and experiences you can't get in your Instagram feed. Through the Drawn From Here Book, you will take a high-quality visual journey of Eric Pollard's life, and the experiences from which he's drawn his inspiration from.

    The book is an accompaniment to Eric Pollard's award-winning Drawn From Here Film, a captivating narrative that dives into Pollard's exploration and processes that he has used to developed his career in the realm of skiing, design, art, and life.