The Hype-Man. Andy Parry – that’s Parry with an A – honed his weirdness and propensity for Wizard tricks on the east coast before ultimately settling out west in the woods of Mt. Hood Oregon. It didn’t make him any more normal. Andy Parry can be found spreading stoke with the Tell A Friend Tour when he’s not putting down creative and absurd rail tricks.

Andy Parry, an east coaster best known for the Traveling Circus, along with his wizard tricks, and the Tell A Friend Tour, is no stranger to the Freeski industry.

Parry started skiing in New York at a young age. In high school, he and fellow LINE athlete Will Wesson started getting more into freestyle skiing and started up the 'I Hate New York' production company. While attending Green Mountain College in Vermont, Andy was introduced to Meathead Films among other pro skiers, and it wasn't long before he started filming more. After college, Andy and Will knew they didn't want typical jobs, so they came up with the idea of the Traveling Circus and with the help and a little funding from LINE Skis, the circus was born. Andy is still heavily involved in the traveling circus to this day, but he has also started his own venture known as the Tell A Friend Tour, or TAFT for short. Through TAFT, Andy is able to travel around North America throughout the winter and ski with thousands of young aspiring freestyle skiers.