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I know this to be true about Dylan. He loves dogs, he loves his band, he loves his friends, he loves mountain biking, and of course he loves skiing. Most surprising he's an absolute unicorn of a human being thats decided getting just his adrenaline pumping isn't enough as we grip the edge of our seats. Back to that Unicorn. Dylan shares a duality many never bleed into their creative endeavors. His carefully crafted projects bring out his high energy persona while simultaneously showing another more relaxed Dylan. One that desires you to feel something more than an adrenaline rush but more of a pitter-patter for deep pow, skiing flow, emotion, and maybe something yet to be discovered.

Dylans probably blushing by now so catch up on what our favorite Unicorn does with his Summer's!

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"I'm super stoked on the opportunity to go back to Woodward Copper. I was a camper there almost every summer as a kid, and it’s kind of where I was bred as a filmer/skier. The first week I went to Camp I was like 12 and Will and Garrett were the guest pros. I thought Garrett was my coach cus they put a picture of him on my door. I went and found him and was like, yo you’re my coach and he was pretty confused because he definitely wasn’t my coach. Anyways, it’s pretty cool I ended up back there for Line week and made this video. Enjoy."


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