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Feast your eyes on the rawest, most authentic documentation of real life, wacky personalities, financial struggles and mind blowing on & off hill skiing antics of LINE's skiing jib ninjas, Andy Parry & Will Wesson. Enjoy!

Season 14

Welcome to the 14th season of the LINE Traveling Circus! Amongst a winter where international travel was not an option, the crew loaded up the TC Van and opted for good ole fashion road-tripping adventures. From urban mayhem in the Mid-West to catching winter swells in Michigan to taking advantage of a snowy New York City, the TC Crew managed to make season 14 one of the best to date. Enjoy, and thanks for watching the Traveling Circus!

14.3 – BTS & Extras

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage from LINE Traveling Circus 14.3. Fueled by pizza, the crew navigates around the big apple, otherwise known as New York City, to find rails, benches, stairs, and anything else they can jib while taking advantage of the snowy 2021 season on the east coast.

14.3 - The City That Never Skis

Over the bridge, under the tunnel, over the bridge, and boom! You're in New York City! Join Will, Andy, Ross, and LJ as they navigate the subways and streets of the Big Apple to find the best rails, features, and pizza in the LINE Traveling Circus 14.3

14.2 - BTS & Extras

Check out the behind the scene footage from LINE Traveling Circus 14.2. From LJ surfing amongst freezing cold temps to Andy bringing out his inner Nickelback, to Will finding the rail garden to top all rail gardens, there's a whole lot more to see in 12.4 BTS!

14.2 - Smells and Swells

Look at this episode. Every time you do, it'll make you laugh. How did TC's gear get so smelly? And what the heck is on Andy's Head?
Confused? Yeah, we are too, but it'll make more sense when you watch the newest LINE Traveling Circus Episode. From LJ surfing the swells of Lake Michigan amongst 10-degree temperatures to Ross backflipping onto everything, the second episode of season 14 might be one of the best yet.

14.1 - Suburban Urban

Oh boy... where do we begin with this episode?
LINE Traveling Circus 14.1 reads like a TMZ article - LJ's IG Live beef with THall, Andy Parry finally starting his only fans, with the only normalcy being the pizza and busted big toenails.
Join Andy Parry, Will Wesson, LJ Sternio, and Ross Imburgia on some Mid-West suburban "urban" mayhem from Trollhaugen to Buck Hill.

14.1 - BTS & Extras

Yeah, you've come to know and love the manicured, humorous Traveling Circus episodes. Who wouldn't? But have you wondered what goes on behind the scenes? What it takes to film and produce a full LINE Traveling Circus episode? Well, here's your chance to find out.
Amongst freezing cold mid-western temps, X-games rants, Rossable tricks, and a whole lot of pizza, tune in for the behind the scenes cut from LINE Traveling Circus 14.1 - Suburban Urban.

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About Traveling Circus

13 years deep and not slowing down, the LINE Traveling Circus is back yet again for another season of self-made goofiness. With a typical cast of freaks and weirdos, the Traveling Circus continues across the western expanses of North America. At this point, it’s far from uncharted territories for these guys, but if there’s anything to be learned from LTC, it’s that adventure and absurdity is all but hiding in plain sight. All you gotta do is keep your eyes open.

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