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Ben Richards | Welcome to the Team

October 20, 2021

Ben Richards is ready to take his hard charging, freeskiing badass-ery to the next level. Make sure you're following this mad man as he joins the LINE skis pro team!

Ben Richards Joins the LINE Skis Pro Team

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I was born in the US and learned to ski when I was 2 years old at Mammoth Mountain. Then I moved to New Zealand at the age of 6 as both my parents are kiwi and they wanted me to go to school here. I actually grew up ski racing before I discovered that skiing on fatter skis in deeper snow is where I'd much rather be!

Read on to learn more about Ben, and see what he’s all about.


21 years old


Wanaka New Zealand/ Treble Cone

One thing you like:

Thai sweet chilli Doritos

One thing you hate:


Plans for the season?

This season I am heading over to Europe to Compete on the FWQ series in hopes to qualify for the Freeride World Tour next year. Covid has gotten in the way the last couple years so hopefully this year goes smoothly.


Skiing is too serious these days and I love that LINE seems to be most focused on fun.

What else should people know?

Grabbing is overrated!

Where can people keep up on your stuff?

@Ben.richards18 on IG

Ride Ben's LINE skis of choice!

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