LINE Ski Models and Specifications

Ski Specs

There are many factors that can determine what length ski would be best for each individual. It is recommended that you go to your local LINE dealer to find out what size and model are right for you.

Factory Edge Bevels

Every pair of LINE Skis come from our factory with a Holmenkol branded hot wax and are machined tuned with the specs below

Every freestyle ski: 1.5mm base and 1.5mm side
Any ski less than 100 mm underfoot = 1.0mm base and 2.0 side
Any ski over 100mm underfoot = 1.5mm base and 1.5mm side

Base Swap Color Variations

Most of our skis have base swap. Base swap means that your LINE skis can have multiple base color options.


All skis pictured on our website can come with either the base shown or an alternate base with the colors reversed. There is no performance difference with either base option. We utilize base swap as a way of being sustainable in our manufacturing process and not wasting base material. Skis are shipped randomly and cannot be ordered in specific colorways. Please visit your local LINE Dealer if you would like to handpick your base option.