Traveling Circus 8.2 | Swiss Cheese Socks

November 16, 2015
"Cheese. Chocolate. Raclette. More Raclette. Jet lag. Fondue. Danger Cookies. Will's big nap. Volkswagen Van. Grandmas house. Shovelling. Slush. Monoski. Adler Brau. Nutella. Bread. Davos. Schwanden. Swiss democracy. Skiing in the woods. Spring. Flowers. Heli drop grass skiing. Sleeping outside. Expensive food. Cow bells. Feeding farm animals. Sami. BBQ. Quatro fromage pizza. Beautiful mountains. Beautiful women. Mini pipes. PVC pipes. Skiing in rubber boots. Contrasting seasons. White up high. Green down low. Waterfalls. waterfall rails. Sunburns. Motorcycles you can peddle. Wild flowers. Prost!" - Rob Heule See if you can spot all of the above in the “Swiss Cheese-Socks” from LINE Traveling Circus!