DAYCARE | A Street Skiing Video

October 25, 2023
A street skiing video by Will Wesson and Patrick Ring.

Daycare - a street skiing video by Will Wesson and Patrick Ring presented by LINE skis.

Featuring: Will Wesson, Patrick Ring, Reagan Wallis, Kale Cimperman, Tucker Fitzsimons, Bennie Osnow, Andy Parry, Pete Koukov, Taylor Lundquist, Dasha Agafonova, Mitchell Brower, Ross Imburgia, Jed Waters, Liam Baxter, Kevin Merchant, Paddy Flanagan, Kevin Salonius, and Dickie Styza.

In prep for the launch of Daycare, we sat down with Skiers, Filmers, Editors, and Directors, Patrick Ring and Will Wesson to pick their brains on anything and everything Daycare related. Keep reading below to get their answers and insight into the project.

How long did it take to film Daycare?

99% was filmed over the past two winters. Will and Kale filmed 2 shots the winter before that, which sparked the inspiration for the project. 

What was the experience like filming, starring in, and editing the movie?

Will: There's a reason the movie's named Daycare. The title became an inside joke; I was driving everyone around and acting like the team felt like it sometimes. I'm used to organizing logistics of trips, but adding filming and editing was both fun and stressful.

Patrick: It's a dream come true. There's no one else I'd rather bicker with from the west to east coast than my childhood hero (Will). 

Any favorite / most memorable moments from filming?

Will: There wasn't one most memorable moment, but some good ones include; 

·         Andy found a $100 bill at a spot in Eau Claire, Wi.

·         Getting to hit spots I've been looking at for 5+ years

·         Watching everyone find their lane in terms of spots that highlight their personal skiing style

·         Skiing down a staircase inside someone's house

·         Hanging out in our parents basements


·         Andy renamed me Prong

·         Our airbnb host in Toronto, 'Jimmy the Greek' taught me valuable life lessons. 

·         My favorite episode of traveling circus as a kid was when Andy sacked the flat up rail at windells. It went full circle when I sacked the front of a rail in front of Andy. I almost lost my balls in chippewa falls.

Any least favorite moments?

Will: Falling down staircases and losing our minds when the weather doesn't cooperate and we can't agree on what to do (once a week).

Patrick: Peeing out my first kidney stone and Will telling me I can't do something (5+ times a week)

What advice would you give to anyone trying to make a street film?

Will: Skiing street is a game of trial and error. Making an effort to learn from your mistakes goes a long way.

Patrick: Watch more skate videos for inspiration in terms of spot selection and filming style.

How many different states / provinces was Daycare filmed in?

9 states and one province...and Kevin Salonius had a mail in a guest clip from Finland.

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