January 10, 2022

A skiing video created by Garrett Capel. Filmed in Revelstoke, Fernie, Whistler, Chatter Creek and the mountains of interior BC.

New to the LINE Skis team last season, Garrett was incredibly quick to impress our internal crew, along with fellow team members, with his effortless pillow popping style and huge bag of tricks. From charging down the steepest faces to bouncing from pillow to pillow and boosting hand drag 3's and cork 7's off of huge cliffs, Garrett had one heck of a 2021 season, even with some injury setbacks, but ya wouldn't even be able to tell that there were setbacks from watching this video, now would ya?

If you don't follow Garrett, well, you probably should. We've got some big plans coming down the pipeline with Garrett and our Freeride team, so stat tuned! You can keep up with him on Instagram at @Brothergar, and if you're hungry to learn more about him, check out his Welcome To The Team post here, or watch him rip in the Burrrlapz Movie.

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