Line Ski Bag 2024

Ideal For One Pair of Skis


Simple and easy travel necessity for keeping your investment safe and showing off what you got in that bag with a big ole LINE logo on it. Keep your skis safe from the tossing and turning of the house to the hill or home to vacation with reinforced material on the tips and tails, an internal storage pocket and extra padding where you need it. Comes in 2 sizes (195cm & 165cm) for your pleasure. 

Construction Features

  • - Rigid Reinforced Base in Tips and Tails
  • - Extra Padding
  • - Internal Storage Pocket


  • - Size: 165cm x 15cm x 15cm / 195cm x 15cm x 15cm
  • - Volume: 35L (165cm) / 40L (195cm)
  • - Weight: 2 lb / 0.88 kg (165cm) / 2.2 lb / 1.02 kg (195cm)




Multi-Color ,