The Traveling Circus documents the crazy lifestyle that is skiing. From desperate struggles to save money, to ridiculous off hill adventures, to epic days on the mountain, episodes will bridge the gap between reality television and action packed ski intensity.

The year was 2008...

Long time high school friends and newschool skiers Andy Parry and Will Wesson had just graduated college. But neither of them were fully ready to give up on the ski bum lifestyle just yet. Somehow, the skiers convinced LINE to let them travel to Mt. Hood to film a pilot episode for the Traveling Circus. Unlike many ski companies’ high-budget and high-discipline ski films, Traveling Circus would be a dirt cheap, reality television style series that followed Will and Andy’s misadventures and captured the craziness of freestyle skiing, both on and off the snow. The pilot episode was a success, the rest of the series was greenlit, and the rest is history!

We've Got Wheels!

A few seasons into the TC series, Will and Andy’s adventures really ramped with their newly acquired (and now infamous) yellow TC van. This greatly helped their travels, as they made trips all over the country with many stops from big resorts, to smaller local ski hills. Countless other skiers and LINE athletes have tagged along with Will and Andy and the van keeps on rolling.

Skiing's Longest Running Webisode Series

15 seasons later, LINE’s Traveling Circus series is going stronger than ever. The series has gone international, adventuring to destinations in Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to name a few. In 2021 the old van was retired and a new van debuted to take its place.

Episodes are typically shot and edited by Jake Strassman.