The rail technician, the quiet killer, the most frugal man in skiing. Will continues to push his skiing in new directions, BLENDING (it’s a pun, duh) technical and creative skiing with signature quiet and understated style. Will helped found LTC with the goal of avoiding getting a real job. 13 years later, he somehow ended up with a full-time job – except that job is skiing.

Will Wesson is a professional skier known for his insane rail tricks, the LINE traveling circus, and his all-around nice guy personality.

Wesson started skiing at a young age in New York. He actually started cross-country skiing before downhill. But, as soon as he experienced the thrill of freestyle skiing, he was all in. He didn't have much access to terrain parks where he grew up, so instead, he would build his own. After skiing throughout his college years Will set off with Andy Parry to start the LINE Traveling Circus, and now years later, he's still doing it. Will has become known as one of the best rail skiers in the world, proving this statement by winning a Gold Medal at the first-ever Winter X Games Real Ski competition.