2022/2023 Ski Graphics | Early Preview

April 21, 2022

You may have seen some of our crazies already out on next year's good-good. Time for a little early graphics preview on what to expect from your new LINE skis dropping this Fall!


Seattle, the home of our humble offices, may be known for its rain and gloom, but the moody vibes of the city sure do present an excellent backdrop for showcasing some of next year's ski graphics. Check out what's in store for the 2022/2023 season, and keep your eye out for these skis dropping in the Fall!

LINE SAKANA AND PESCADO | Swallowtail Collection

Our fishy friends make there majestic return on the banks of the Pugent Sound. No more fitting location than that of the famous Pike Place Fish Market a block away from the office for next year's swallowtail collection. Incorporating a topsheet that provides a welcome breath of color the on the Pescado the Sakana brings a unique chroma-flare topsheet that dances in the light.

Fish shapes with Swallowtails. Designed to harness the positives of directional skis with stability at speed and long effective edge grip, combined with the ability to ollie, butter, float, and turn better than ever before. A welcomed diversion from your traditional directional ski, the Pescado and Sakana open new lanes of creativity on the mountain.



Bacon crispy, Outline... outlineyy. These topsheets take an abstract art approach to your pow day outside the city. So let's jump right into that white gold among the mountains right outside Seattle. The Convex Collection loves breaking away from the city to it's happy place among the fluff of Snoqualamie and Crystal Mountains. Escaping not only the 9-5 lifestyle but of course tech bros! (We still love you tech bros but phone off on the slopes.)

Versatility and playfulness from groomers to powder to park, the Sir Francis Bacon and Outline embody our All Mountain Freestyle Collection. On each ski you'll find a very playful feel designed to help you flex, press, and butter. The Bacon remains the ultimate ski for all-mountain freestyle, while the Outline brings these freestyle characteristics into a chassis that can float and surf through the deepest of the deep.
7327 Pano


Take it to the streets! We're downtown right outside our office checking out something absolutely delightful on the eyes. This ain't some exotic window display in the Nordstrom across the way or Seattle Art Museum a block over. The LINE Pandora brings a dazzaling array of color to the lineup with power underfoot to match the spectral energy.

Created in collaboration with #LINEskiswomen ripper Hadley Hammer, the LINE Pandora Collection defines all-mountain capacity. Quick edge-to-edge performance paired with a surf-like feel on the backend of turns, the Pandora Collection represents the Women’s specific all-mountain skis you need – no matter the conditions. Constructed with exclusive LINE Skis Carbon Magic Finger Filaments™ and THC™ construction, these skis offer an unmatched weight-to-performance ratio for long days on the hill.


ALL OF THE LIGHTS! Feel the light, see the light. Okay enough marketing jib-jab outside the office presents a multitude of exotic light displays that dazzle the eyes. Set under an array of lights the marketing jargon connects with the message in a clean-cut showoff of new topsheets that are ready to shimmer under feet of fresh fluff.

We wanted a freeride ski that didn't exist (yet) so we spun up a few prototypes in the ARC, our development center in Seattle, WA, USA and took them to the hill and holy sh*t we had a winning layup from the get-go. These boards were a passion project for LINE’s internal team, made up of aging (not old, but ya know, aging) LINE freestyle-y riders who still like to ride the lifts but more and more lately have turned to the softer landings and heady skin tracks of the backcountry.
7209 Pano


This is Night City Samurai, get up... nah this is just some tech office parking structure we snuck into across Lake Union lol. The green glow eminating from the exit point of the garage sets the stage for the bright green bases others will see as they eat your dust down the mountain. With it's first year on the block the LINE Blade Optic collection's sharp profile and future tech-inspired topsheet bring it out of what's ahead and into today.

Introducing the all-new Blade Optic Collection. Born from LINE's history of pushing freeride skiing in a new direction, the Blade Optic Collection breaks the mold of traditional metal-laminate ski design, pulling notes from two award-winning LINE Skis, the Vision and the Blade. Fusing the intuitive freeride capabilities of the Vision's chassis, with the technology and power found in the Blade's Gas Pedal Metal™ construction, the Blade Optic Collection was created for pedal to the metal ripping from the firmest of corduroy to the deepest of pow. Set your sights down the mountain, kick it into overdrive, and experience freeride through a new lens on the Blade Optic Collection.

6453 Pano


The Seattle City Light Broad Street Substation (wow that was a mouthful) always cuts through the night with it's dazzaling interior lights on our way home from the office. Also still cutting through things the LINE Blade and Blade W. This topsheet speaks for itself they're back for skiing weird, different, and more funner - that simple.

The skis that will change how you rip down the mountain, the Blade and Blade W are your go-to skis when you want to have a ridiculous amount of fun at the resort. A Gas Pedal Metal™ layup allows these skis to charge through any condition, while a super tight sidecut offers the ability to turn on a dime. 



Another step away from the office takes us on a musical journey. An absolute legend outside the Museum of Pop Culture takes two legends back on stage. Crank the music loud with Chris Cornell and the LINE Honey Bee and Honey Badger's boomboxes at play on this year's topsheets.


The LINE Honey Bee will allow you to float like a butterfly and spin like a top. Based on the tough-as-nails Honey Badger chassis, the Honey Bee offers durable park performance in an affordable package for the freestyle female skier who wants it all.


Tough as nails, yet simple in design, the LINE Honey Badger will tackle whatever you put in front of it. Jibs, Bonks, Jumps, Taps, it doesn’t matter, the Honey Badger doesn’t give a….well, you get the picture. The perfect package to crush it in the streets, park, and all over the mountain at an affordable price, it doesn’t get much better than that.
6176 Pano


Add some flavor to your butters this year as you #BendYourBlends while blaring your favorite track on vinyl... we mean iphone or whatever. The abstract lines of a vinyl record gracing its topsheet pop against the facade of the Museum of Pop Culture for this year's freestyle team's favorite ski.

The Blend continues to re-imagine what is possible on a park ski. Ideal for anyone looking to add some serious creativity into their bag of tricks, the Blend combines a solid platform with a snappy feel to make them the optimal ski for buttering, ollieing, and sending. Oh, and it'll totally make the mountain your playground.
6311 Pano


Off work and one of our favorite hole in the wall booze stores in Ballard sets this year's TWP in a very appropriate neon backdrop. Tom was inspired by the bright neon lights that echoed around the metal-concrete mayhem that was many a midwest night's stacking street clips with the crew on this year's topsheet.

After getting rave reviews on the redesigned model, Tom Wallisch’s signature ski is back for another year and it isn’t slowing down. The ski that is quickly becoming known for giving skiers of all ability levels the confidence they need to step up to the big jump line, the LINE Tom Wallisch Pro combines a quick swing weight with a snappy feel and bomber construction. Developed hand in hand with Wallisch, the Tom Wallisch Pro remains the definitive high-performance park ski.


You'll be hearing more behind the artwork soon enough. Until then just grab the board after work, just kick it with the crew, and meet us at the Broad Street Skatepark under the gaze of the famous Space Needle for some R and R in a different park.

Designed for all-mountain freestyle enjoyment, the LINE Chronic is the dopest all-mountain freestyle ski. With over a decade in the game, the Chronic’s versatile turn shape will allow you to turn the mountain into your terrain park. This awardwinning ski offers a poppy ride that will crush it just as hard on those harsh bigline jump laps as it will on those smooth burns all over the mountain.
6056 Pano


Like what yah see huh??? We'll patience is a virtue stay tuned on social for more leaks and a final date approaching for the announcement on when you can cop a pair of your favorites online or at your local shop!