August 15, 2023

All About The LINE Blade Optic! Why we made it, what's it's purpose among the lineup, and so much more! (Yes even the tech specs for you ski nerds.) This is your metal laminate Freeride ski through a new lens only LINE could conceive!


The all-new Blade Optic Collection has arrived. Born from LINE's history of pushing freeride skiing in a new direction, the Blade Optic Collection breaks the mold of traditional metal-laminate ski design, pulling notes from two award-winning LINE Skis, the Vision and the Blade. Fusing the intuitive freeride capabilities of the Vision's chassis, with the technology and power found in the Blade's Gas Pedal Metal™ construction, the Blade Optic Collection was created for pedal to the metal ripping from the firmest of corduroy to the deepest of pow.

The BLADE OPTIC Collection Explored

This is your ski for setting your sights down the mountain, kicking it into overdrive, and experiencing freeride through a new lens with the entire Blade Optic Collection. We've got the lens, you've got the eyes, lets explore our new "LINE-up." Check out the collection profiles below!


SIZES: 161 · 168 · 175 · 182

The narrowest option in the Blade Optic Collection, the LINE Blade Optic 92 is designed to rally groomers, charge through crud, and leave other nerds in your wake. With a featherweight feel that enhances edge-to-edge quickness and precision, the Blade Optic 92 is right at home ripping hardpack and those few inches of fresh that fell overnight.


SIZES: 163 · 170 · 177 · 184

Ideal for anyone who enjoys high-speed skiing with confidence, the Blade Optic 96 represents the narrowest ski in the Blade Optic collection that harnesses the power of Gas Pedal Metal Overdive™. With a chevron shape of Titanal underfoot that expands into the forebody and rear of the ski, you'll experience immense edge grip on hard snow, with a powerful, smooth ride in cut-up snow and chop.


SIZES: 171 · 178 · 185 · 190

The most versatile ski in the Blade Optic Collection, the Blade Optic 104 is right at home, charging big mountain laps to cruising smooth burns on early morning corduroy and everything in between. Equipped with our Gas Pedal Medal Overdive™ tech, you'll harness the power of an innovative layup of titanal to feel enhanced edge grip, stability, and control under your feet. Get ready to kick it into the top gear and ski with confidence on the Blade Optic 104.


SIZES: 178 · 186 · 192

For the guys and gals setting their sights on storm days and endless in-bounds powder laps, the Blade Optic 114 is here to answer the call. Equipped with our Gas Pedal Metal Overdrive™ technology, paired with a refined rocker profile, attuned tapering, and functional waist width, the Blade Optic 114 is a super stable stomp stick that will float through the deepest of deep and plow through crud. Kick it into overdrive and experience freeride through a new lens on the Blade Optic 114.


After removing the 13 year old's troll comments from our DM's we were left with a plethora of BLADE OPTIC questions you wanted answers to from our Insta Q and A session!

VIA @iancrit - What parts of the LINE Vision and Blade did you incorporate into the LINE Blade Optic Collection?

As you can likely tell by the name, the Blade Optic marries some of our favorite features from the LINE Vision and LINE Blade. When looking at the Vision Collection, we knew we liked the overall chassis of the skis. The shape, the turning radius, and how they performed in various conditions. While on the other hand, when looking at the Blade, we knew we loved the stable feel of the ski and the amount of grip you can harness on every turn. The Blades' stability, grip, and power come from its Gas Pedal Metal™ design, referring to the chevron shape you can see throughout the ski. So, in simplicity, we knew we liked the shape of the Visions, and we knew we liked the stability, grip, and power that you get from the Blade's Gas Pedal Metal™ layup. We took these two characteristics from each ski, made some proper adjustments to each, and then combined them into what is now known as the Blade Optic Collection. If you compare the shape of the Blade Optic 104, for example, to the Vision 108, you'll see many similarities. While looking at the Blade Optic's metal layup, You'll see many similarities to the Blade's Gas Pedal Metal™ design. The main difference is a long sheet of metal running through the tip and the tails of the Blade Optic Collection for extra stability and power. We call this long sheet of metal Overdrive™, as it will allow you to kick your skiing into a new gear.  

VIA @bencooper2007 - What type of skiing are these skis designed for?

The Blade Optic Collection was created for pedal to the metal ripping from the firmest of corduroy to the deepest of pow days. In all reality, this collection is designed for all-mountain and freeride skiers, and with four skis in the collection, there's a pair for everyone's style. 

The Blade Optic 92 is the only ski in the Blade Optic Collection that does not have any metal. It's lightweight, intuitive, easy to turn, and very agile. If you don't need the stability or power of a metal ski, but you want a ski that can handle hardpack and some afternoon crud, then the 92 is your ticket. 

The Blade Optic 96 is the narrowest ski in the collection that features our Gas Petal Metal Overdrive™ metal laminate layup. Overall, the ski will perform similarly to the Blade Optic 92, in that it is relatively quick and agile, but the 96 will feel more stable, more powerful, and fast overall, thanks to the metal in the ski. You'll also feel an increased edge grip in your turns compared to the 92. The 96 is ideal for ripping groomers, cruising bumps and off-piste skiing, and skiing a few inches of fresh pow from time to time. 

The Blade Optic 104 and Blade Optic 114 are your versatile all-mountain chargers. Both feature the full Gas Pedal Metal Overdrive™ metal laminate design, and both are very capable of skiing anywhere on the mountain. The 104 will be at home in just about any condition. From groomers to springtime slush and endless pow laps, the ski has enough rocker to float in pow, enough camber to rip groomers, and enough stability to plow through anything in its path. With the 114, you will have a similar feeling to the 104, with a slightly softer chassis but a ski that can float through the deepest of deep and stomp massive landings. 

Max Zimmerman shows this all off pretty damn well in one of the freeride comp videos we collabed on recently. Click to check out on the gram!

VIA @t_bo71 - Which ski out of this collection jumps out as your favorite so far?

The skis in this Collection are obviously designed for an all-mountain Freeride environment to play in. Though inherently each ski has it's own unique personality, to deal with whatever mood the mountain may be in that day.

We love our friend's at Blister Gear Reviews! We'd like to think we share fairly aligned thoughts on each of those "personalities" we described. With an extensive real world breakdown that's going to help you decide if you're a 92 - 96 - 104 - 114, for sure check out their first takes on the new collection for the big picture. Though from last year this still holds up well!

VIA @tommy.kemen - Is this ski a ripper in the park?

Ok listen here you litte shits, I thought it was just the rowdy groms in the DM's asking this but after the 100th DM this week WE GIVE IN!!!

A few riders have broken out of their all-mountain testing environments to see if she's got the beans in the park. We're for sure not suggesting to ride any of the Blade Optic collection in your local park.... *cough but if you do *cough make it the non-metal version the Blade Optic 92 *cough... that was weird.

Click to check out on the gram!

VIA @uplandtrout - Is there actually no metal in the Blade Optic 92?

Can confirm this is a YES! Questions immediately flood your mind "why not", "so what's that make it's purpose", "does that mean it's lesser in terms of ability with no metal?" Chill we got you bro.

We chose to not put metal in the ski because we wanted a more lively and accessible feel comparted to the rest of the metal filled Blade Optic collection. We wanted to provide an alternative feel for the narrowest in the collection. Same DNA but while sacrificing some stability for energy and liveliness.


Ok honestly just some baller shots of your new metal laminate freeride ski below!